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Principles of Maritime Administration and Policy

Standards of Maritime Administration and Policy I. Presentation Unmistakably expressed in Article 94 UNCLOS 1982 that one of the obligations of banner state is to take such measures for ships flying its banner as are important to guarantee wellbeing adrift, which required to adjust to commonly acknowledged universal guidelines (UNCLOS, 1982). Having consider that States ought become gathering to the show, yet additionally completely actualized their commitments, IMO build up Resolution A.996(25) Code for the Implementation of Mandatory IMO Instruments. In view of this code, there are systems that ought to be created by the States so as to accomplish goal of the code, which is improving worldwide oceanic wellbeing and assurance of marine condition (IMO, 2007). Indonesia through its sea organization ought to set up framework which build up this technique to satisfy their obligation as banner state. This paper attempt to analyze four methodologies notice in Resolution A.996(25) with framework set up in Indonesia when all is said in done; and explici tly investigate the outcome of the code for Indonesia as far as loss examination. II. Methodology for upgrading oceanic security and assurance of marine condition In view of Resolution A.996(25), there are 4 methodologies ought to be created by the States. First system, usage and requirement of IMO show; Implementation of banner state duty spread numerous perspective, for example, show translation, training and keeping an eye on, banner state review, affirmation issues,ã‚â approval and observing RO, and loss examination. Be that as it may, these execution and authorization are completely relies upon capacity and ability of part parties. Contracting Governments uphold the arrangements of IMO shows most definitely and furthermore set the punishments for encroachments, where these are appropriate (IMO, 2009). Endorse a Convention and bring it into full and complete impact through inward law isn't simple for contracting government. To set up powerful sea enactment, after set it up, it ought to be anything but difficult to change and keep refreshed with IMO change, set up IMO authoritative following, go to IMO meeting and keep up successful co rrespondence with different pieces of government (Belcher, 2009). Overview and affirmation is one of the approaches to implement standard created by organization. At times, nations which are absence of mastery and experience have discovered comfort in designating their capacities to Recognized Organizations (Villanueva, 2004). Many created organizations likewise chose to appoint some portion of their capacity to RO, so as to viably grow their abilities on overall premise. RO, for example, order society have accepted as expert answer for worldwide assessor system and specialized ability (Schlott, 2009). In any case, a few issues emerge with respect to legal work appointment. For instance, review of Denmark shows the necessities of increasingly viable observing of legal overview record held by RO (VIMSAS-Denmark, 2007). Subsequently in term of approval, Maritime Administration ought to completely allude to Resolution A.789(19) â€Å"Specifications on the overview and accreditation elements of perceived associations following up for sake ofã‚â a dministrations† and Resolution A.739(18) â€Å"Guidelines for the approval of associations following up in the interest of the administration† (Schlott, 2009). Second methodology, adherence to worldwide suggestions; aside from Mandatory instrument, for example, Load Lines, SOLAS and COLREG, banner state ought to likewise allude to universal proposal, for example, IMO goals or round which contain rules or other non required code. Thirdly is persistent audit and confirmation of universal commitment consistence adequacy. One method of survey is by assessing port state control insights. PSC normally distributed yearly reports that contain measurements on the presentation of banner States and RO. Loss insights additionally can give image of consistence adequacy. Also, complete estimation of banner State capacity to authorize and adequately implement oceanic enactment is through Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme. The significance of VIMSAS in confirmation of banner State consistence is underscored by IMO (Mansell, 2009). Reason for VIMSAS isn't to disgrace or point a finger at a state, yet to help them in satisfying their obligations and commitments which advances banner State execution. The aftereffect of this review is known distinctly to the State concerned, evaluators and IMO secretariat, and reports from reviews are distributed as mysterious (Franson, 2009). Last system is accomplishment, upkeep and improvement of generally speaking authoritative execution and ability. Human asset advancement will impact authoritative execution; and great quality framework can guarantee accomplishment and support of association execution. Organization can apply ISO 90001 or other equal quality framework. Besides, improvement should be possible through present new open administration guideline. It is move away from organization to accomplishment of result, change from exemplary administration to adaptability and characterizes authoritative and individual destinations through quantifiable execution marker (Schrã ¶der, 2008). Albeit practically difficult to actualize all of NPM procedures, numerous organization in creating nations are executing chosen parts of NPM quite conceding more self-governance to open segment associations, accentuation on results, responsibility for execution and results, present rivalry, contracting, and client direction (Singh,200 1). Multi-state participation for limit building is one case of new open administration execution to conquer the constraint of association through global collaboration (Manuel, 2009). III. Banner state usage in Indonesia Indonesia is a colossal Archipelago nation included 17508 islands, with 5.8 million square kilometers absolute zone of ocean and 95181 km length of coast line (Indonesian Maritime Committee, 2008). This given condition produces high reliance on oceanic transportation and furthermore impediment to grow high qualified and dependable sea transportation framework. Three primary methodologies in sea transportation advancement of Indonesia for 2009 are improvement of national transportation administration, improving wellbeing and security of sea transportation and improving nature of HR (Ministry of Transportation, 2009). Indonesia additionally distributed long haul improvement procedures 2005-2025 for sea security, entomb alia, keep up traffic plot, checking fitness for sailing and vessel status normally, appraisal of specialized angle and operational of vessel, controlling execution of arranged support frameworks, creating team vocation, observing ecological insurance and improving SAR a ctivity (Ministry,2008a). Explicit momentary objective are clarified in guide of oceanic transportation security improvement for 2006-2009 plans which incorporate offices, law authorization, guideline, rebuild association, human asset, establishment rejuvenation and network socialization (Ministry,2008b). Explicitly as a banner state, Indonesia is bound to the commitment of banner state obligations as notice in UNCLOS. In light of Transportation Information Book 2007, Indonesia has 7,237 national armadas in 2007 (Ministry, 2008c). Contrast with the world, Indonesia is in number 11 in vendor marine with 971 vessels in 2008 (CIA,2009). To keep up and guarantee that all vessels have completely agreed to guideline isn't simple assignment for Indonesia. As 4 techniques referenced in Resolution A.996(25) which ought to be set up, some are satisfied and some are not yet cultivated. a. Execution and requirement Indonesia as of now approve a few shows, for example, SOLAS 74 convention 78, Load Line 66, Tonnage 69, COLREG 72, STCW 78, MARPOL 73/78 Annex I/II and some other show, for example, CSC, STP, Facilitation and INMARSAT (IMO,2009a). Endorsement forms are require some investment since it must legitimize through parliaments. Be that as it may, in spite of the fact that there are a few shows, convention or addition not yet approved, Indonesia consistently attempt to keep in track to late significant guideline advancement. For instance, as notice in guide of sea transportation wellbeing improvement, Indonesia has nonstop improvement in ISPS and ISM execution (Ministry, 2008b). As far as arrangement, Directorate General of Sea Transportation offer position to Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia respects body development, electrical and hardware. Other perspective, for example, radio correspondence and wellbeing gear are assessed by Directorate through their Marine Inspector (Rusdi,2009). This different characterizations ought not be an issue if all aspects of guideline is carefully executed. In any case, regularly individuals contend that BKIs position isn't helped by its nearby connections with the Ministry of Transportation, where choices are frequently depicted as politically-inspired (Indonesian Class, 2007). Indonesia likewise attempts to improve law authorization, for example, specialized review to traveler vessel and ro-ro ship, endorse for reckless harbourmaster and marine reviewer, permit renouncement for careless administrator and condition appraisal overview for security necessity in ro-ro ship which more established than 25 years. In 2007, there are 4 official and 1 administrator were endorsed (Ministry, 2008b). Shockingly, in a few cases, insufficient security types of gear are still established. For instance, in KM Levina mishap case, it was demonstrated that the sprinkle can not work. Unexpectedly, for wellbeing hardware endorsement, the boat have total authentication. There are potential outcomes that security hardware not painstakingly examined (Rusdi, 2009). As Gunther, administrator of interferry, remarks that numerous issue are brought about by poor administrator organization (High waves, 2009). This issue ought to be spread by port clearing prerequisite; there

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Civil Rights Era

Social liberties Era Presentation It is prominent that blacks confronted outrageous separation in the chronicled America. During that period, the liberated â€Å"blacks† of 1840s were experiencing different difficulties while attempting to incorporate in a general public that racially isolated them. Past political systems had ordered enactment that prompted regulation of prejudice. American leaders’ declaration that the nation represented opportunity was a trick, as blacks needed access to essential social and common rights.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Civil Rights Era explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More This prompted the arrangement of developments through prearranged open gatherings, exhibitions, matches and blacklists as they battled against this social bad habit. Additionally, different activity bunches battled for the common and social privileges of Black individuals, which they named â€Å"Civil Rights Era† The â€Å"civil righ ts era† was in the midst of 1955 and 1968 when the social development was very vocal. â€Å"Civil right movement† is entirety of all exercises embraced by different activists in the battle against isolation. The southern states had utilized slaves as their wellspring of work in their estates, implying that the main populace of blacks was in the south. The whites significantly instilled extremism in this locale. Following the huge populace, the development was exceptionally vocal in the southern states. The period is evaluated to have kept going fifteen years. During the time, different pioneers sanctioned various enactments to turn away an approaching social and common emergency. The development movement decreased extraordinarily after the end of its puzzling head Martin Luther. Braced with remarkable rhetoric abilities, Martin King drove this development by holding rallies, blacklists and quiet exhibition. His authority was exceptionally commended for being peaceful in a battle that generally expected to be ridiculous. Be that as it may, a few rates were vicious. Theory It is sure that prejudice was widespread in the verifiable America; notwithstanding, the ascent of â€Å"Civil Rights Movement† standardized the circumstance in this manner prompting the happiness regarding different administrations by all residents. During such time, affiliations were framed to support for the privileges of the blacks. In spite of abrogation of subjugation, the liberated individuals kept on living in servitudes inferable from disregard by the White ruled government. In spite of the fact that this network comprised a huge piece of the populace, they had no congressional portrayal. This in actuality implied that they needed portrayal arms of the express that figured laws that they clung to. Existing laws didn't give casting a ballot rights to the African Americans.Advertising Looking for inquire about paper on african american? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Due to such issues, most individuals from this network felt they had been dismissed; on the social field dark individuals were not permitted to use indistinguishable offices from whites. Dark understudies couldn't go to instructive foundation put in a safe spot for white partners from the basic to the tertiary level. Work in government establishment was slanted and this prompted lion's share of dark individuals being jobless. A portion of the insurgency chiefs incorporate Rosa Parks who was an Alabaman needle worker who entered a â€Å"Montgomery bus† on her way home. As travelers enlarged, the driver requested Rosa to offer her seat to a white. Rosa showed boldness when she neglected to surrender it her seat in spite of ensuing capture. Her experience brought about over eighteen months ban of the â€Å"Montgomery buses† (Phibbs, 2009). Thurgood Marshal is another character who made important contribution to th is battle. His info came by means of different common suits that he filled. His ability in the legitimate field was apparent as he just lost in one case that he recorded at that point. In one situation where he tested the educational system, bringing about a general change as the Supreme Court requested that all schools ought to be available to all races. This result was in accordance with the law that gave equivalent instruction to all. As expressed above Martin Luther was the pioneer everything being equal. President Johnson who took over administration after the end of JF Kennedy prompted the order of governmental policy regarding minorities in society that King and different activists arranged. Martin confronted death in 1968 while in a Memphis inn. Accomplishments of the â€Å"Civil Rights Movements† In the common period, various changes were accomplished that helped the Black individuals coordinate into the American culture. The point of the dark development was to batt le for the racial pride, financial and political rights. There was a requirement for a therapeutic move to be made as racial segregation was apparent. Thurgood’s case was the first to bring changes. The development was battling for Black understudies who had the option to go to a similar school as Caucasian understudies. This case carried balance into the training area. During the psyche 1960s, Johnson, the president, energized the Congress in sanctioning social liberties bill and the democratic demonstration. This enactment guaranteed that African Americans had portrayal in the distinctive administering structure like neighborhood specialists and Congress. The Civil right bill was a solution for the bigotry manhandles that they experienced. These developments provoked the congress to pass different acts in this manner keeping the nation from diving into tumult (Levy, 1998). The Civil right Act comprised of numerous rights. First it permitted all voters to be enrolled. This d idn't bar the proficiency tests which applied to the two whites and blacks. Furthermore, the Act tended to separation in open offices, for example, lodgings, eateries, inns and exclusive hangouts which alluded to a specific gathering. Thirdly, the metropolitan government was disallowed to deny open offices to the open offices to individuals on premise of their race, religion and ethnicity.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Civil Rights Era explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Kerner Commission had done a careful report on the reasons for urban brutality. The outcome was that prejudice was the significant reason. The uproars were on the expansion in mid 1960s and were fuelled by the racial abberations. Malcom X was one of the pioneers in the uproars and he called for furnished self protection. He was later taken shots at 39 years old as he gave a discourse. The Black Panther’s party was established in 1966. Huey Newton and Bobby Saele were the authors of this gathering. They had a worry of the police power severity towards the African Americans (Steinberg, 2000). Entry of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Greatest accomplishments of the social equality happened after the death of social liberties enactment. The death of the â€Å"Civil Rights Act in 1964 and casting a ballot right Act in 1965† (NAACP, 2011, p. 1) acquired an incredible upheaval the opportunity of African Americans. This was to stop any type of segregation. It implied that it was unlawful to separate anybody based on their shading, race, and religion or nationality. The democratic rights Act was casted a ballot in 1965. It was intended to guarantee the option to decide in favor everything being equal. The option to decide in favor of dark Americans was likewise bolstered by the administration. The Attorney general Robert Kennedy was very persuasive in the battle against racial separation. The legal executive participated in ensuring individual freedoms against lion's share power. The social liberties movement’s motivation was to give equivalent benefits to all Americans paying little mind to their race. These rights additionally finished separation in the lodging. It came to activity during the fifteenth amendment of the American constitution. The south anyway experienced segregation in casting a ballot even in the late 1960s. The premise of separation was from straightforward education tests that were intended to estrange the blacks from the voters. This caused just a modest number to take an interest in the democratic procedure. The arrangement of the demonstration precluded segregation. The preclearance was likewise required for the states and different purviews that had a background marked by racial segregation. This gave an endorsement by the United States branch of equity. This Act empowered numerous African Americans to take part in governmental issues. In 1964 summer, the white understudies likewise took p art in enlistment of the minorities individuals. Social equality associations, for example, National Association for the Advancement of minorities individuals (NAACP) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference were additionally engaged with a similar movement of enrolling shaded voters (NAACP, 2011).Advertising Searching for look into paper on african american? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More President Lyndon B. Johnson discourse in May 1964 at the University of Michigan urged the graduating understudies to avoid bigotry and work towards opportunity for all. He demanded that, their creative mind and activities would decide the sort of a general public they were going to manufacture. Richard Nixon assumed control over the administration in 1968. At this point about 60% of African Americans were qualified to cast a ballot in Mississippi and other Southern States. From 1965 to 1990 dark state administrators number rose from two to 160. The democratic rights Act was restored in 1970, 1975 and 1982. Before 2003 South America had increasingly dark competitors winning races however less democrats generally winning office. The option to cast a ballot had an extraordinary effect to the African Americans as this drove them to hold positions in nearby, state and national levels. Social equality Act of 1964 likewise helped the dark individuals to make sure about more occupations. The Civil Bill of Rights Act opened equivalent open doors for work. Development of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had a drawn out effect on the nation. The law was evident that no discriminatio

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How Do You Negotiate College Tuition

HomeFinanceFinancial aidHow Do You Negotiate College Tuition? 5 Tips to Getting a Better Deal from Your CollegeThis page may contain affiliate links.Dec 20, 2019You dont walk into a car dealership and expect to pay sticker price. Its assumed youll haggle and ask for incentives to bring the price down. The same is true of college. Believe it or not, college financial aid packages are subject to negotiation. The key is knowing how to win a financial aid appeal. In fact, one-fifth of private colleges are willing to offer a tuition discount, and you might be surprised at how well you can do at public universities as well. Heres what you need to know when you negotiate college tuition. How to Ask a College for More Money: Start Strong How do you negotiate college tuition? You need to start from a strong position. That means making sure your student can show that they have something to offer the school. Have your ducks in a row, including: Good GPA Solid test scores Extracurricular activities Job or leadership experience By presenting a well-round student likely to succeed at college, add to university life, and potentially excel after school, you start in a strong position to ask a college for more money. Whats the Best Way to Negotiate a Financial Aid Package? 5 Tips for Getting the Best Results Now that youre squared away with how you look on paper, its time to move forward with how to ask a college for more money. 1. Understand the Percentage of Need Met Head over to College Data and look up your preferred school. Among the information provided is how much of unmet need the college will help with. So, lets look at an example: Percentage of need met: 75% Cost of college per year: $40,000 Your EFC: $15,000 The difference between the cost of attending school and what the government says your family can afford based on the FAFSA is $25,000. If the school is willing to meet 75% of that gap, you should receive a financial aid package worth $18,750. If you dont see that, its time to make a financial aid appeal. 2. Contact the Admissions Office Now, that financial aid package might include loans, and even if the school offers the full amount it should provide, there could still be a gap. This is when you call the admissions office. Again, you need to be armed with information and a great student. You can ask a college for more merit scholarship money by pointing out your childs academic, athletic, artistic, and leadership qualities. use extracurricular activities and relevant work experience to show the admissions office that a student deserves a merit scholarship. 3. Negotiate Before Sending a Deposit Dont send in your deposit before you negotiate college tuition with the financial aid and admissions offices. The timing matters. If youve already sent in your deposit, theres a good chance the school wont worry too much about cutting a deal. However, if you work on this before the national May 1 deadline for deposits, you have a better chance. Get your numbers squared away (this can help if you apply for early action) and send an email requesting a review. Then, ask if you can follow up with a phone call or in-person appointment in the coming weeks. 4. Leverage Other Offers Emphasize that this school is your students first choice, but that you do have other offers. Show the school other scholarship offers so they can see that you could get a good deal elsewhere. For example, when I was weighing school choices, I was able to show schools that I had been offered full-ride scholarships and performance stipends and different institutions. As a result of comparison shopping, I was able to get schools to make improved offers. 5. Find Out Whats Available in Subsequent Years You might get a break on first-year tuition, but that doesnt mean the following years will be as cheap. Many departments, honor society chapters, and other organizations offer chances to help pay for school. Find out what scholarships and other opportunities are available for subsequent years so your student can start preparing and working toward those scholarships. Bottom Line Schools need students. Enrollment is down, and schools with low offer conversion rates need help turning applications into actual students. Do a little shopping around, know your stuff, and you might be able to successfully negotiate college tuition.

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Funny Quotes for Your Christmas Celebration

Want to make witty remarks this Christmas? Ogden Nash, Dave Barry, Charles Dickens, and many other authors share their Christmas humor with you on this page. Peter Dickinson The threat of Christmas hung in the air, visible already in the fretful look of passersby as they readied themselves for the meaningless but necessary rites of false jovialities and ill-considered gifts. Max Lucado, God Came Near Were it not for the shepherds, there would have been no reception. And were it not for a group of stargazers, there would have been no gifts. Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Holiday Season, that very special time of year when we join with our loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions such as trying to find a parking space at the mall. We traditionally do this in my family by driving around the parking lot until we see a shopper emerge from the mall, then we follow her, in very much the same spirit as the Three Wise Men, who 2,000 years ago followed a star, week after week, until it led them to a parking space. Ogden Nash People cant concentrate properly on blowing other people to pieces if their minds are poisoned by thoughts suitable to the twenty-fifth of December. Katharine Whitehorn, Roundabout From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. Frank McKinney Hubbard ​Next to a circus there aint nothing that packs up and tears out faster than the Christmas spirit. Bill Waterson, Calvin Hobbes Oh look, yet another Christmas TV special! How touching to have the meaning of Christmas brought to us by cola, fast food, and beer... Whod have ever guessed that product consumption, popular entertainment, and spirituality would mix so harmoniously? Dave Barry, Christmas Shopping In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it Christmas and went to church; the Jews called it Hanukkah and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say Merry Christmas! or Happy Hanukkah! or (to the atheists) Look out for the wall! W. J. Cameron There has been only one Christmas -- the rest are anniversaries. Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol Out upon merry Christmas! Whats Christmas time to you but a time for paying bills without money; a time for finding yourself a year older, but not an hour richer...? If I could work my will, said Scrooge indignantly, every idiot who goes about with Merry Christmas upon his lips should be boiled with his won pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!

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Essay about Advertising and Obesity - 1695 Words

Obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat or adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass.[2] According to data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), during the years between1988 and 1994, 45.3% of American white males and females, 60.1% of black males and females, and 64.5% of Hispanic males and females were obese.[3] Since obesity has been rising at an epidemic rate during the past 20 years in the United States, reducing its prevalence among adults to less than 15% has become one of our countrys national health objectives for the year 2020.[4] This recent epidemic of obesity has created many health problems nationwide, such as increased rates of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and†¦show more content†¦To analyze how the media help to shape the values of our culture, I chose advertisements and articles on weight reduction which appeared in the magazines People Weekly, Working Woman, and Prevention. The ad in Working Woman entitl ed Now, I Believe in Miracles! focuses on the diet pill called Xenadrine. The ad features a young woman who lost 84 pounds in 12 weeks using Xenadrine. She is pictured both before and after using the drug. The ad claims that Xenadrine, the #1 diet supplement in America, is clinically proven to increase fat loss an extraordinary 38.6 times more than will diet and exercise alone; it also claims that one can feel the results immediately.[6] The second work I examined is People Magazines article on a surgical treatment performed on Carnie Wilson, a musician, who lost 150 pounds after having surgery to remove excess skin and shrink an enlarged stomach. In the article, the authors applaud her ability to make such a brave decision.[7] The third work is Prevention ad; it is about weight-loss herbs that help people overcome obstacles to diet and exercise. It is anShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Advertising On Childhood Obesity Essay1042 Words   |  5 Pagesentirely accountable for childhood obesity because other factors may affect the childhood obesity epidemic, such as household environment, psychological issues, sleep disturbances or even actions taken by the mother while she was pregnant. Parents or guardians have a responsibility to control what the children in their care are consuming. According to Amanda L. Willette (2007), Where have all the parents gone? Do efforts to regulate food advertising to curb childhood obesity pass constitutional muster?Read MoreEssay on Advertising and Obesity in America2871 Words   |  12 Pagesthey can portray both their products and a lifestyle. Their intense advertising focus on minorities and children, however, has begun to exacerbate the epidemic of obesity that is sweeping our nation. Fast foods televised advertising is a significant contributor to obesity in todays minority youth. By promoting unhealthy tendencies and high-calorie foods as well as an attitude that promotes tolerance of diseases such as obesity, these companies are influencing people to such a degree that it isRead MoreThe Correlation Between Television Advertising And Obesity1508 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION The increased prevalence of child obesity has served as momentum for research to determine the nature, dimensions and significance of the relationship between Television advertising and obesity. This issue has raised major debates among policy makers, academicians, the public and even marketers themselves. The most commonly used measure of obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI) and it is calculated by dividing the weight by the square of individual’s height. The Hasting’s review (2003)Read MoreFast Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity1870 Words   |  8 PagesFast Food Advertising And Childhood Obesity A rise in obesity has been observed in the United States in the last two decades. Obesity is one problem that gives birth to numerous fatal diseases, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a survey and found that, â€Å"More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) and approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese†Read MoreEssay about Advertising and Childhood Obesity2520 Words   |  11 Pagespouring a bowl of sugary cereal, or convince their parents to take them to McDonalds for a Happy Meal lunch. These advertisements are showing children â€Å"wants† instead of â€Å"needs.† These advertisements are promoting negative social consequences, such as obesity and health risks, including smoking and alcohol. Abstract Through an examination of the background of advertisement aimed at children, an explanation of each side of the argument, and an analysis of each side, it can be proved that a regulationRead MoreFast Food Advertising Causing Obesity1916 Words   |  8 PagesFast Food Advertising Causing Obesity â€Å"I think America s food culture is embedded in fast-food culture. And the real question that we have is: How are we going to teach slow-food values in a fast-food world? Of course, it s very, very difficult to do, especially when children have grown up eating fast food and the values that go with that†(Waters). The fast food industry is controlled by many powerful companies who feel the need to keep costs low. This is because they believe that the lower theRead MoreFast-Food Advertising Causes Obesity Essay1395 Words   |  6 Pagesshows that greater familiarity with fast food advertising on television is associated with obesity in young people (Pediatric Academic Societies parag.1). It is known that these children and adolescents are being extremely exposed to fast food advertising including the internet, social media, and particularly on television. The marketer and owners of these fast food restaurants use many techniques to attract children and help cause childhood o besity. Not only are they mainly targeting children butRead MoreThe Effects Of Advertising On Children s Obesity Rate1056 Words   |  5 PagesThe Effect of Advertising on Children’s Obesity Rate It has come down to this, there is an obesity epidemic. It s like people can’t stop themselves from eating so much. Well, I guess eating isn t necessarily the big problem here... It s the type of food that people are consuming, fast food. America tops the list of world s most obese countries. It s just sad and something needs to be done about it. The worst part is that there are so many children being affected by obesity. According to CDCRead MoreShould Obesity Be Solved With Exercise Using The Media And Advertising878 Words   |  4 Pagesmore about eating responsibility for our health. Because, we are in the obesity epidemic which causes many diseases and threatens our health. The film starts with that government and many industrial companies say that people become obese when they don’t do exercise as much as they eat; on the other hand, overweight is the lack of people’s effort and exercising. However, it is not true that exercising can deal with every obesity. In the video example, fat people like to eat the food that makes peopleRead MoreExcessive Advertising of Junk Food is Adding Fuel to the Obesity Epi1571 Words   |  7 PagesExcessive Advertising of Junk Food is Adding Fuel to the Obesity Epidemic I distinctly remember watching Fruit by the Foot commercials as a child. Not just what the commercial showed, but the feelings it evoked in me. In the commercial, the boy unwrapped the snack with a look of excitement on his face. He unrolled it and started rolling it up and down, as if it was a yo yo. Then it was utilized as a jumprope. The boy danced around, using the snack as a prop. He flung it up and down and all around

Case Study Of UBER Travis Kalanick’s Rollercoaster Reign -Sample

Question: Discuss about the UBER Travis Kalanicks Rollercoaster Reign. Answer: Introduction Post going through case study, UBER Travis Kalanicks rollercoaster reign, the report hereby presented would discuss and present issues in the organization attributed to leadership style, which has brought the startup worth $70 billion to an episode of nightmare and ridicule of world of successful CEOs, ofmanagement gurus as well as students and everyone else who is interested in UBER. The case study starkly brings forward the issue of leadership. Improper leadership style has prompted potential culture problem within organization. In absence of a firm leadership the organization has entered zone of criticism in matters related to the sexism in culture, male dominance, adoption of inappropriate means etc. Through the report emphasis has been laid on how good leadership could make or mar an organizations worth. How a good leadership be the catalyst to carry the organization to its pinnacle and how a misguided leadership could cause damage to its reputation and prevent building a decent brand image. It shall discuss the two traits of leadership mainly transactional and transformational in Ubers context. Finally, the report shall quickly provide some recommendations that could be immediately be adopted by UBER to turn over a new leaf. The Discussion The case study UBER Travis Kalanicks rollercoaster reign presents various issues currently happening with UBER or has happened in recent past. The report talks of the brash behaviour of Mr. Kalanick who could go to any length to achieve his goals. That would include him being callous and throwing around his machoism on self-purpose fulfillment. UBERs reputation is also muddled when it comes to handling subject of women. With Mr. Kalanick obtaining medical report of woman from India who was raped by the UBER driver, to him joking about service of Boob-er an on demand for women-only service in GQ magazine, picking up escorts in karaoke bars, promising hot chick' drivers for maximum 20 minutes a promotion technique for Lyon etc. All in all, Mr. Kalanick's approach is nowhere near reserved and safe zone. He has shown his style of a crappy businessman and has not presented the position he has achieved today with responsibility. The primary reason of this being lack of leadership from top management. The two types of leadership which could be mentioned here would be transactional and transformational leadership. A transactional leader would strictly restrict themselves to a transaction with his subordinates, mostly to get the performance. This is also called as management leadership. He would mostly use rewards and punishments for getting things done. He would mostly be doing damage control and strategizing post happenings to take up a defensive stance. Such leaders would be more focused on executing a plan and would use the motivation factor of the employee to get things done by them. Superb example could be coach of football team (Dumdum, Lowe Avolio, 2013, p.41). The coach has a plan which he usually discusses with the team and asks them to take up roles for proper execution. A transformational leader would rather become the reason for bringing about change in his team. He works along with his subordinat es to bring about the desired transformations. Such a leader, would mostly rely on charisma and infuse enthusiasm in his team. He would be proactive in his dealings and strategies which could be innovative. They are said to have vision and charisma, they empower as well as could stimulate intellectually. Steve Jobs is an example of such a leadership (Kark Shamir, 2013, p.82). He influenced not only Apple but inspired aspiring leaders alike. Importance of Leadership Leadership issues are evident in UBER case. We can gauge after reading the case study that Mr. Travanick uses arbitrary leadership which forces his colleagues to finish and accomplish the targets set by him. That could also be one of the reasons why there is a constricted environment in the organization. A good leader must understand and improvise on needs of his colleagues to collectively achieve their goals. Mr. Travanick needs to bring about a mix of transformational and transactional leadership styles within hismanagement techniques to effectively deploy strategies. He needs to understand the current scenario of the organization and must quickly arrest the unrest before the situation gets further out of control. By using appropriate leadership skills, he would not only be able to gain respect, he would also be able to repair the brand image of UBER. There are issues such as numerous sexual harassment cases unaddressed, unethical approach to sensitive issues such as obtaining medi cal records of a rape victim, reviewing it and commenting about it too openly, open sexism in office and behavior, e.g. - picking up escort women from an escort karaoke bar, letting the culture of male dominance prevail etc. which makes it clear the management on the top clearly is responsible for fostering organizational sexism. It is evident that representation of an organization in correct light is vital to a good external brand image and internal organizational culture where employees believe in the message being presented and act in the same light instead of straying. The leadership at Uber has yet to overcome this challenge. In fact, Uber continues to attempt and scrape its way up the ranking at the price of immoral status and a deprived public image, and the fresh intensification about the business's noxious workplace environment is a further suggestion of the lack of willingness in management to change things. Installation of proper systems to check spreading of a negative culture elements is required. As part of an image building of the organization, the processes would require to be strengthened. Expected Effects To maintain service standards, it is necessary to have mechanisms within the organization to gauge performance. Without a proper feedback mechanism, all attempts to maintain a good process is a failed attempt (Doyle, Francis Tannenbaum, 2013). Time and again Uber has crossed the boundaries of an ethical way of business (Rosenblat Stark, 2016) and resorted to means to overthrow its competitors or gain more customers. There are a lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who present a case of strong desperation to achieving their visions (Cramer Krueger, 2016, p. 179) while de-prioritizing another ethos. Their organizations are simply fanatical with achieving growth and winning. Example being attempts to skirt APPLEs privacy rules the case brought a lot of bad publicity to UBER, they lost lots of subscribers and it took them almost 2 years to recover. Again, usage of Greyball (Dudley, Banister Schwanen, 2017) which provided UBER (Cohen et al., 2016) with geolocation information and get permits to localities where they were denied first. It has been researched and proved as well that usage of ethical means is important to safeguarding the organization from the damage of litigations, allegations of fraud (Chen, Mislove Wilson, 2015, p.499), multiplying positive brand image and establishing trust with customers to foster business further. Uber has already worked on a feedback system from its end customers about their services but internally as well, it should set up feedback mechanisms to ensure that the organization is functioning under an ethical leadership sticking to ethical means only for driving results. Recommendations Some of the recommendations for UBER could be implementing a strong body within the self for good-governance (Castaner Kavadis, 2013, p. 865). The good governance would oversee that the activities and practices that are carried out within the organization are not compromising and ethical (Kelly, Sullivan Reich, 2013). Good governance would promote confidence among employees (Christl, Kopp Riechert, 2017). It shall endow the council members with a sense of responsibility and confidence to do what is right. It shall lead to good and proper decision making within an organization. Not just that, it shall also assist the organization meet their legislative obligations with compliance (Tricker Tricker, 2015). Good governance also fosters a thriving environment to make ethical decisions as everything would be transparent to council members and every decision would be largely discussed and considered before implementation. Apart from this, Mr. Kalanick needs to accept his responsibilitie s as a leader and work on his attitude as well as leadership skills (Simon, 2017). He could get in touch with management/corporate gurus like late Bill Campbell. The experience could assist him in polishing the rough edges of his personality and help bridge gap from his brazen personality to a responsible and mature CEO (Gilbert, 2016, p. 26). Good leadership skills are sought by organizations and very important. People look to a leader to inspire, motivate and build respect. Everyone who is an achiever cannot be a leader and a leader believes in achieving with everyone together by not creating fault lines but rather build a progressive community. Apart from strategic thinking, to also organize and do proper action-planning. This is important not only from perspective to achieving vision and strategy of the organization itself but also do appropriate risk management so that organization does not go wrong in their action. Conclusion Thus, as is evident from the discussion of the case study, UBER has consistently presented its unruly behaviour and most of it was a waterfall effect from the top management. Mr. Kalanick has through his combative leadership, presented an example of do what it takes' attitude which was followed by his other execs in top management and eventually relayed to people working underneath them. People working under such leadership feel stressed and are always conscious. He could try to mould his leadership skills into a combination of transactional and transformational to bring in positivity in the culture of the company. He needs to implement strong control mechanism both for quality and feedback so that he can have an overview of functioning within the organization and the brand image. By bringing about a good leadership influence in his style, problems like sexism, male dominance, unethical means to win over businesses or gain competitive advantage would be curbed and Uber could reach its potential of a global organization favoured by potential employees. References Cohen, P., Hahn, R., Hall, J., Levitt, S. and Metcalfe, R., 2016.Using big data to estimate consumer surplus: The case of uber(No. w22627). National Bureau of Economic Research. Cramer, J. and Krueger, A.B., 2016. Disruptive change in the taxi business: The case of Uber.The American Economic Review,106(5), pp.177-182. Chen, L., Mislove, A. and Wilson, C., 2015, October. Peeking beneath the hood of uber. InProceedings of the 2015 ACM Conference on Internet Measurement Conference(pp. 495-508). ACM. Christl, W., Kopp, K. and Riechert, P.U., 2017. CORPORATE SURVEILLANCE IN EVERYDAY LIFE. Castaer, X. and Kavadis, N., 2013. Does good governance prevent bad strategy? A study of corporate governance, financial diversification, and value creation by French corporations, 20002006.Strategic Management Journal,34(7), pp.863-876. Dudley, G., Banister, D. and Schwanen, T., 2017. The Rise of Uber and Regulating the Disruptive Innovator.The Political Quarterly. Dumdum, U. R., Lowe, K. B., Avolio, B. J. (2013). A meta-analysis of transformational and transactional leadership correlates of effectiveness and satisfaction: An update and extension. InTransformational and Charismatic Leadership: The Road Ahead 10th Anniversary Edition(pp. 39-70). Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Gilbert, G. (2016). Autonomy versus control: are you a manager or a leader?: feature-leadership.HR Future,2(Feb 2016), 26-27. Kelly, S.G., Sullivan, J.E. and Reich, S.F., 2013. Regulatory uncertainty remains in energy markets.New York Law Journal,4. Kark, R., Shamir, B. (2013). The dual effect of transformational leadership: Priming relational and collective selves and further effects on followers. InTransformational and Charismatic Leadership: The Road Ahead 10th Anniversary Edition(pp. 77-101). Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Rosenblat, A. and Stark, L., 2016. Algorithmic labor and information asymmetries: A case study of Ubers drivers. Doyle, J. C., Francis, B. A., Tannenbaum, A. R. (2013).Feedback control theory. Courier Corporation. Simon, P., 2017.Analytics: The Agile Way. John Wiley Sons. Tricker, R.B. and Tricker, R.I., 2015.Corporate governance: Principles, policies, and practices. Oxford University Press, USA.

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Plagiarism, a Form of Cheating free essay sample

Once a student understands how to use MEAL and PAP he or she will not commit academic fraud. Students should be aware of the punishments that come when he or she steals the work, ideas, and thoughts of another person. Plagiarism is one of the most serious types of student misconduct happening in universities today. Some students do not realize they are popularizing so is it fair that every student who plagiarisms receive the same punishment?Plagiarism is unfair to other students because his or her work is graded against dishonest work and plagiarism is the responsibility of each student to cite properly and reference data, statistics, or other sources of information that are used in his or her submission. What is plagiarism? The University Of Phoenix Student Code Of Academic Integrity defines plagiarism as the intentional or unintentional representation of anothers words or ideas as ones own in an academic exercise. We will write a custom essay sample on Plagiarism, a Form of Cheating or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Some students do not realize they are popularizing, so is it fair that every student who plagiarisms receive the same punishment?Is it fair to other students because their work is graded against dishonest work and plagiarism is the responsibility of each information that are used in his or her submission? For the purpose of this paper, will be speaking of plagiarism and why plagiarism is perhaps one of the most serious types of student misconduct happening in universities today. Plagiarism is Cheating Plagiarism is a form of cheating that goes in any type of school environment. Many students do not know plagiarism could be avoided if they cite the references properly. Plagiarism is deliberately copying someones work and turning it in to the instructor as if it was his or her own work. Giving clear adequate references enables one to use the authors ideas as a base for the work and giving detailed information on what has been learned in the respective of original work. Try using the authors words as a building block to create ideas, show the instructor the clear understanding that was made from reading the authors information then create a paper based solely on what a persons observation may be.Many people believe they can paraphrase or change a couple of words to make it sound as if they have created their own idea. Paraphrasing is changing the entire structure the sentence to the same of affect of the original sentence but in a persons own words, while showing understanding to what has just been read. A person an always paraphrase the authors words as long as the resources are cited at the end of the paper, showing the instructor those words are n ot being portrayed as being original.Resources should be cited if direct quotations are used, changed authors words but they still mean the same and if the author name has been mentioned in the paper. Knowledge of Plagiarism A person could have knowledge, a wealth of knowledge in certain things. For example, a financial advisor may give prospective customer information that will inform them of the basics on retirement accounts or savings accounts. Once the advisor provides the customer with information on the past performances, that information would need to be backed up with some form of documentation.Plagiarism could end a professionals career or a students future. To prevent plagiarism, the authors words need to be summarized in the writers words. Summarizing could get mistaken as paraphrasing. When a person paraphrases, the information is very close to the original information. In paraphrasing, usually a word or two may be changed. Documenting and listing references to support detailed specific information is one of the most important parts of a writing assignment. A person could plagiarism a paper unintentionally.Writing a quote, using quotations, but forgetting to end the statement with a quotation could be done in error. Forgetting to list a reference used on the final paper, but the reference is listed on the rough draft would be an honest mistake. The student would be disciplined, but not as sever as a person whom deliberately copied someone?s work. The professor/instructor would have to join forces with the educational institution to investigate the situation. An honest writer/student can submit their finished work to a plagiarism website to verify hat they have completed an honest assignment to prevent problems.Punishment for proven plagiarism could be from receiving an F in the course or being suspended from the Institution. However, there can be evidence that the student was unaware that he or she committed plagiarism, and they should be placed within a class that will teach him or her how to cite properly. This will allow the student to understand what he or she needs to do for further assignments so they do not plagiarism again. MEAL and PAP Most students run into trouble when dealing with plagiarism by not using proper MEAL or PAP styles and formats when documenting someone elses ark.Most students are new to the academic writing process, and because of this students coming from high school might not be on par with the university writing level. These students who may not have the writing background will have quickly to assimilate int o the system to avoid plagiarism in all the forms. Understanding what plagiarism is will insure that the student will not plagiarism with further assignments. The Georgetown university Honor council states it best, as Students who submit written work in the University must be the authors of their own papers.Students who use facts or ideas irrigating with others must plainly distinguish what is theirs from what is not. To misrepresent ones work ignorantly is to show oneself unprepared to assume the responsibility presupposed by work on the college level. It should be obvious that none of this prohibits making use of the discoveries or ideas of others. What is prohibited is simply improper, unacknowledged use. This statement in the Honor Council explains that students must know how properly to cite for work borrowed from others. The ability properly to cite ones work is a skill that must be mastered by students when they transition into college academia. What is MEAL or the PAP format? MEAL format was established by and otherwise known as the Modern Language Association. MEAL is most often used in essays for humanities classes such as English and foreign language (FOCUS, 2007). PAP format is recommended by the American Physiological Association cite references properly. Learning these concepts will help students to know what to do to cite references, quotations, and give the credit due to the proper person.Conclusion In conclusion, understanding plagiarism and paraphrasing is very important. Understanding these terms are not only important for the students, instructors, and readers but this allows those who write from others to give proper credit. The best way to avoid plagiarism is for a student to allow themselves ample time to do research, read the research, and document it correctly. Use quotations and quotation marks to show the reader that these thoughts and ideas came from another person. This will ensure that the person whom originally had these thoughts and ideas is given credit for those thoughts and ideas.However, a person can agree with what someone else has written and believes that the statement is important. The student needs to make sure hey are giving the credit to the right person and to themselves. This is called stealing. What makes plagiarism? The writer has only changed around a few words and phrases, or changed the order of the originals sentences and the writer has failed to cite a source for any of the ideas and facts (Indiana university, 2004). To avoid plagiarism is simply the act of making proper citations and giving the credit to the original author.For example, if a student wrote a paper they worked on for hours, did research, properly cited his or her references, and received an A for an assignment that was outstanding. Would they like the fact someone else copied his or her words, thoughts, and ideas? I do not believe anyone would appreciate someone stealing his or her article. I believe that most people believe that they will never get caught popularizing because the vast areas to find information. For example, the World Wide Web, the web has thousands of documents that are available to students to research and read.However, some people believe that they can find these articles and the likelihood that someone will know this article is unlikely. That is not true, documents that are available on the internet are known to such orgasm as center for writing excellence. When taking information off the World Wide Web the rules apply as they do in other areas, such as, books and articles. When a student takes off information from a website he or she needs to cite the references correctly. Letting the readers know where they can find the information and where the information came from.I believe that when someone breaks the rules of plagiarism there should be a punishment set forth. The instructor sets the rules and punishments about plagiarism. For example, if a student plagiarisms for the first time he or she may receive an F for the paper submitted. The second time they may be reprehended to the point of suspension. Once academic dishonesty has been established I believe that the student committing the plagiarism should be held accountable for his or her misdeeds. A person has rules and regulations that must be followed each day.